Saturday, November 10, 2007

Typical Saturday Afternoon

Song of the Day: "Do It Well" - Jennifer Lopez ft. Ludacris

So today feels like a pretty typical Saturday here at good ole' Camp Champ. I didn't go out last night but still managed to sleep in until brunch at 11:
15. I wore my Orientation Leader shirt and felt fully aware of it with the masses of campus tours and potential incoming students around. Also fully aware of my bum status in sweatpants that I have probably worn five days in a row.

I have an explanation for that though. There's this dance competition coming up called "So You Think You Can Dance?", clearly modeled after the popular television show (which I think I've seen about once). I've spent nearly everyday in the studio this week choreographing, which is something completely new to me. I love it! It's such a gratifying feeling to teach your moves to someone else and hear "Wow! That was fun!" afterwards. I'm so excited for this competition, even if I don't walk away with the $400 prize, it'll be neat to see who comes out of the woodwork and can actually break it down.

Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm headed down to Georgia to see family I haven't seen in a couple of years now, I c
an't wait! I miss home a lot though. I haven't been to my house since May and I miss it a lot.

Anyway, I'm excited for a new blog space! I used to keep these spiral notebook journals growing up, and then we all went through that whole Xanga phase, we moved onto myspace and facebook and all the while I've randomly blogged online but still held true to those spiral notebooks. I love starting somewhere fresh though. It's like I've got all this space to fill up with the future, and who knows what's going to come of it. Life's little challenges, and all those things that make it worthwhile. I think I'm gonna head to the gym and try to maintain this new body I've come into recently. I enjoy taking off some poundage! Possibly more to come... we'll see!


P.S. I've posted some pictures of my dorm room to get me started!

My room in all it's miniature glory.

View out the window from the bed and assorted junk.
Middlesex = GREAT book! Seriously... pick it up.