Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Past Week

Song of the day: "Bubbly" - Colbie Caillat

So last Sunday after brunch Elizabeth, Rayleen and I decided that we really wanted to go on a big adventure. We thought about driving down to Santa Land, but realized it was too close to the CT border and was a bigger adventure than we were prepared to undertake. We also contemplated driving to Manchester (Rayleen's hometown), but that too was out. We went back to Rayleen's room and looked up Weird USA and tried to find things in Vermont that we could go see, but nothing was really enticing.

So since we wasted about two hours trying to figure out what to do, we decided to just drive out to Essex and go to Big Lots. Some big adventure huh? We found really cheap toilet paper.

We also found a Disney princess mirror that told us we had magical eyes and beautiful hair. We really felt good about ourselves after that.

I spent a lot of time this week in the studio working on the choreography for this dance competition. Blair finally came down with me to learn everything new that I had made up. Jess has decided that she wants to compete with us so we probably need to get signed up here pretty soon. Last night I hung out with my friend Andrew because we were both bored and everyone had ditched us for this huge party on Main Street that I'm always pretty sure is going to get busted by the cops because about 400 kids (I'm exaggerating, but you get it) show up every time they have a party about about half of those kids are outside the house ON Main Street. I avoid that house like the plague. So anyway, Andrew and I decided to hang out, play board games or cards, watch TV and eat chips. It was raining out, so I got his address and just decided to tough out the rain and walk over. I got all the way down to his street and to the house that I thought was his, and it turned out like eight girls live there, but no Andrew. So I came all the way home and IMed him about his address, come to find out he lives at 36 and not 86. By the time I actually made it to his house I was soaked to the bone but determined to not be a loser and sit at home by myself on a big party night in town. Go us!

At some point during the week Blair and I decided to be all arts and craftsy... grade school style. We made construction paper turkeys by tracing our hands. I also made a magazine collage and put them both up on my door because it was looking a little bare.

That's all for now and I really need to get to bed. I went out with Elizabeth tonight and offered to be the DD because it's freezing out and I didn't want to walk anywhere. I had a grand time making fun of drunk kids and randomly driving around places in Burlington before I got too tired to deal with them anymore and took them all home. Goodnight!