Monday, April 28, 2008

Sweet Summertime...

So inevitably I finally did finish packing and start moving things around to their new summer homes. I had to put a lot of my stuff away in Elizabeth's garage because the apartment I'm living in has three bedrooms... all occupied, plus two of us sleeping on couches in the living room (i.e. not a lot of space for all my stuff!). But nevertheless I brought over a couple suitcases and a laundry basket full of clothes, and two duffel bags of stuff. Enough to get me through until I'm able to move into one of the bedrooms. The thought that didn't REALLY cross my mind until someone pointed it out to me is that I'm living with FOUR guys for a month, haha. Should be very interesting. I have this entire week off; no school, no restaurant shifts, no internship. Everything will get going again this weekend and then I'll start up work in the law firm on Monday and my Intercultural Communication class online. I still haven't bought my books!!

This is Slinky the Cat. He's lazy. I'm kidding, he just happens to have not been very entertaining company this morning and I have been bored out of my mind. Although I will say that waking up to him meowing outside my window because we accidentally locked him outside and it started to rain this morning is MUCH less obnoxious than getting woken up to either screaming girls or a vacuum cleaner being repeatedly slammed into my door by the cleaning lady back at the dorm. Kudos to you Slinky for being a cool cat.

Now THIS is my absolute favorite part of the apartment and I have already commended the boys for having their most genius idea ever...

I definitely foresee spending a lot of time reading out there this summer. In fact, I already finished my latest (kind of) book out there. I've been reading A Million Little Pieces for about a year because I picked it up at the end of last summer and plowed through most of it. When school started though I put it down and kind of forgot about it until a few days ago and of course I finished the rest of it in two sittings. Too bad it's supposed to rain all week!!

We all went on our Second Annual Camping Trip on Friday night. It's how we celebrate the end of yet another year of college by burning all of our papers and projects in the bonfire, grilling hot dogs and burgers, pitching the tent, and having a case race.

Fine... it was a little sloppy... but it was celebratory darn-it-all!


ekmkit said...

hI love that you just ended this with the picture of your spill off the bench. I still have 4 hours left here...i'm feeling a blog entry coming on