Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Ends Being a Bum

So I'm starting my internship in FOUR DAYS! I know it's just an internship, but it seems kind of unreal. I've been working hard to attain my legal career goal for 10 years now and I've finally landed a great job. It's not like I'm working to make partner or anything and it's just a foot in the door, but it's exciting and nerve wrecking all the same. Sadly, what I just realized as I sat on the deck for a few minutes with Ian this morning was my severe lack of professional attire. I own one pair of black pants - which I wear at the restaurant - and some sweaters I received at Christmas. While my pants can be washed in a vain attempt to remove the restaurant stench from them, sweaters just might not make the cut in the middle of the summer. Looks like I'll be applying for a withdrawal from the National Bank of Parentals this weekend and heading out to Plato's Closet, TJ Max, and good ole Salvation Army. With any luck I'll end up with some sort of decent wardrobe to last me through more than a week. Because although it may be entertaining to have a designated Monday outfit and one for each day... I think they might catch on that I wear the same thing to every Monday staff meeting. Wish me some bargain shopping luck! (Because anyone who has ever been shopping with me will KNOW that I need it).

P.S. I found this picture when I searched "Alaska" on and it made me laugh.