Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just relax and let the six-pack summer roll...

Summer is finally here and it's been kind of a crazy season this year to be honest! The weather has NOT been agreeable, although there was the one weekend it was over 90 everyday and we all melted at the beach during it's entirety. But beyond that there's just been a lot of thunderstorms.

Anyway, my internship is going phenomenally! I've officially been asked to come back in the spring when I return from Ireland AND they said they'd like for me to come back next summer as well. We'll see about the summer thing... I think I'd really like to end up in D.C. or Baltimore next summer. We'll have to see how the whole getting into law school thing goes for me though!

I've recently gotten into cooking. I absolutely love it! I finally got an interest in it when I started managing my money and realized that I really needed to make 30 dollars stretch a long way if I wasn't going to go hungry by Tuesday and starve until I got paid on Fridays. What a rewarding experience it has been so far. I'll confess I haven't experimented much outside the world of chicken dishes, but it works. I think my favorites so far were the lemon chicken, a teriyaki dish (the marinade was GREAT!) and stir fry with all of my favorite veggies in it! Tonight I made chicken (of course), sweet potato casserole (which I cannot begin to express my love for) and some good ole sweet tea! Can you TELL I've been missing home?

I just finished up my first online course of the summer - Intercultural Communication. What a great class! I'll be honest, I registered for it because I thought it was going to be a complete breeze and look good on my course sheet... and it wasn't too challenging but BOY was it interesting. I had people of all ages and ethnicities from all types of different backgrounds ALL over the map. I've officially decided that online courses are so much more beneficial than sitting in the classroom if you're the type of person that can teach yourself fairly well out of a textbook and supplement what you're learning with your professor's notes and the discussion of your classmates. I can't even begin to describe how many different perspectives I was given insight too over the course of the past seven weeks. I'm grateful for my week off, but I'm definitely excited to begin my next online course the following week.

I finally received my first summer packet of information about Dublin. So of course now I'm even MORE pumped to go (who thought THAT was possible!) There's a whole slew of things I need to get registered for and make sure I have in place before the end of August, but I am excited beyond words!

I've been reading a lot lately... for ME, which is something I feel like I can never find time to do during the actual school year. Reading is one of the reasons I absolutely LOVE summer. I think I've already read five books since I moved into this apartment, and I'm working on my first Jane Austen novel - "Emma" which is really great so far, but she definitely takes her time building her characters and the plot.

Well... I am off to relax around the apartment before sleep. We're finally getting to the end of the week! Hooray!

P.S. I chopped off about seven inches of my hair!!