Sunday, September 14, 2008

Breathing Reality - I'm Really in Europe!

After living in Ireland for almost three weeks (which actually feels so much longer), I am finally letting reality sink in. I live in Europe! Wow! I am trying to enjoy the most of it because I have realized that I may never be granted the opportunity to immerse myself in another country’s culture for four months ever again in my life. This is incredible and I’m so glad it finally caught up with me!

Anyway, I wanted to come on here and share some more of my Irish adventure!

Late last week, my roommate, Megan, and I decided to take a walk to the North side of the River Liffey and do some window shopping at some of the department stores on Henry Street. We live on the South side of the Liffey and prices are a bit higher over here, so it’s nice to get to the other side and check out prices in the fresh produce markets and bargain shop for clothes!

Later that night while I was sitting at my laptop, I looked out the window of our fifth floor apartment and witnessed one of the most captivating sunsets I have ever seen in my life! There is so much beauty to be discovered in this country, even here in the heart of the city.

This is the view from our apartment in the middle of the day… this particular day it was raining. I was trying to take pictures of the gloom because it’s pretty much never sunny here… it rains so much but we all only take pictures when it’s nice out! False advertising I tell you! Regardless, I guess it really doesn’t look that bad outside, and it really probably wasn’t as awful as I felt like it was.

Yesterday we took a bus out to Phoenix Park and went to the Dublin Zoo! It was such a great time, I haven’t been to a zoo in at least a few years and I always forget how fun it is. We took a ton of great pictures of all the animals: tigers, monkeys, elephants, a lion, seals… you name it!

Phoenix Park wasn’t explored too much, but it’s probably the biggest park in all of Dublin and is definitely worth another trip to that part of the city.

Anywho, Megan and I are heading to the fresh market soon! I need to pick up some pork chops for this delicious new recipe I tried the other night… mmmMMMmmm!

In store for next time: Field-trips to Kilmainham Jail and Oscar Wilde’s home. Plus our last student peer just arrived this morning so I’m sure there will be fun adventures with him soon.