Friday, October 10, 2008

And they're OFF!

Last night Stephen and Lilly took us out to the race track to watch the weekly Greyhound races! I thought this was neat since my high school mascot was the greyhound and I had never actually seen one in real life before. We were each handed a racing book which was entirely Greek to me. It took watching a few races to understand what exactly was going on. The books highlighted each of the six dogs to partake in the race telling you when the last time it raced was, what place it came in, how many lengths it won/lost by, how many seconds ahead/behind it was, an even a little blurb at the top about its performance. Then there were screens out in the middle of the track telling what the betting odds were. So I watched a few races before I thought "Ah, what the hell?" And I bet 2 Euro on Kilhedge Queen.

Ah what the hell? I WON!! I ran through the stands with a grin on my face like a child on Christmas morning and pushed my way through the crowd to the betting stations to collect my winnings. Thirteen Euro! I wish I could make 2 Euro turn into 13 everyday! I lost a couple more races before finally winning again in about the 8th race of the night. I only won 9.20 that time and called it quits. By the time I walked away from the track I had won enough money to cover what I spent on dinner and a pint earlier in the night and recovered all of my bets. I broke even. Overall I'd say it was a GREAT way to spend a "free" evening!