Monday, November 17, 2008

Dress code: Formasual

Last week while we were getting ready to go to the Ambassador's house, John came down to ask mine and Megan's opinion about which tie he should wear (since we bought three of them and he borrowed one from Justin). We decided on one right about the time we should have been walking out the door, so he put it on and off we went. Several days later, John still hadn't come down to pick up his ties. So before we went to Northern Ireland for the weekend, some of us decided to go out to O'Briens for a couple of beers before coming home and getting some sleep for the big day. Of course, with just enough ties hanging around we all put one on just for the hell of it and went off to the pub looking 'formasual.'

Below is just a shot of the O'Briens pub sign. I'm going to attempt in my last few weeks here to take pictures of all the pubs we frequent. I only thought it was appropriate that since O'Briens is the first pub I went out to (aside from our guided orientation) that it should be the first picture in my collection!