Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High Brow Society

Sunday night the Senator and the business men and women from Vermont came to Champlain College Dublin as the starting point for their Vermont Trade Mission in Ireland. As a Champlain student, obviously I was there for different reasons than they were. Both the Senator and important people surrounding him gave excellent speeches outlining the goals of the Vermont Global Trade Partnership and what they would be doing for the remainder of their stay in Ireland. So what did the eight of us students have to do with anything? Well, nothing really. We were there for the networking opportunities and hors d'oeuvres! As I walked around the room talking to different people and asking about what they do I bumped into a man who told me that he works for Senator Leahy. I casually mentioned that I had applied for the Washington DC judicial committee internship this past summer, but seized an opportunity to work in a law firm in Burlington instead. He seemed interested and started asking me about my schooling, what I do, where I'm from, etc. Then he made sure to take a peek at my last name and told me that if I was interested this upcoming summer to be sure to apply again. I told him if I did apply again I would probably apply for the internship in either Burlington or Montpelier since over the past year I seem to have really planted my roots in Vermont. He smiled at me and said, "Great! I'm the internship coordinator in Mr. Leahy's Vermont office." WOW!

As if the party on campus with people from the Senator's office and various Vermont business officials weren't enough - I was on campus today after my literature class (sans essay... I've just been a little carried away this past week!) and Director Steve hung up a phone call he'd been on for a few minutes, looked at me quite seriously and asked, "Would you like to go to dinner at the Ambassador's house tonight?" Ummm... YES! Of course, there's a dress code involved and we've got to be very fashionable and formal looking. There isn't really room for all of us, but some of the guys seem to have opted out either for being too busy with homework or not having anything to wear. For once in my life my "ability" to over-pack has become useful! Not only do I have assorted dress tops, two pairs of black slacks, black flats, and black pumps... I ALSO brought my little black dress and two blazer-type jackets. Oh, and the Lia Sophia jewelry party that Josh's aunt threw before I left to come to Ireland? You know... the one I wasn't going to buy anything at? Yeah, this necklace is just SO perfect! So now that I'm all fancy and it's not even 3pm, I'm going to go find something to occupy my time. I'll be sure to get some pictures up from both events! We're waiting for the professional photography to come back from the Senator's visit, and then I'll try and snap a few personal photos tonight if I'm able.