Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Trip North: #3

Just a quick snapshot to start our second morning of weekend vacation. I honestly can't remember if I was taking a picture of anything important or not... but I'm fairly certain I just thought the view was pretty! Either way - Enjoy!

Now onto the good parts ;) Our third stop in the Northern Ireland Tour was Dunluce Castle. I took this sentence off their website because I don't think I could have said it any better myself:

"The limestone cliffs of the White Rocks ends abruptly against a dark basalt outcrop which is majestically crowned by Dunluce Castle and joined to the mainland by an arched walkway, underneath lies the 'Mermaid's Cave."

We watched a short film before frolicking off to discover the magic of the castle for ourselves. The film informed us that the castle was originally held by the McQuillen family in the 13th century, but was taken over by Sorley Boi McDonnell in the late 16th century. And then to be honest with you I've forgotten a lot of the little historical blurbs our guide gave us. It was just such an info. packed weekend! But you can visit the website above and look around!

Below is the view of the castle after walking through the Manor House and the stable yard. The drawbridge is purposely a single-file space making it easier for shooters in the tower to take down invaders.

Although much of the castle has been restored, a section of the original 13th century cobblestone has been preserved. Obviously after the picture was snapped I went and marched around on it for a few moments. Who knows who else's feet have walked over the very same cobblestone!?

A view from inside the labyrinth of halls. How cool would it be to play manhunt in this place!?

We learned that staircases up to the towers were almost always built wrapping around to the right. This is so that if invaders actually made it within the castle walls, most of them probably being right-handed and wielding weapons in their right hand, they would have one heck of a time getting their weapons up the stairs that closely to the wall. Thus, giving the advantage to the guys in the tower. Bet you never thought of that!

John and I pretended to be watch guards - except I have a really tooly expression on my face, haha! I don't think we would have made very intimidating guardsmen.

A breathtaking view from inside the castle:

Me inside the ancient oven:

Dunluce Castle was an amazing place to visit! I love learning the history of places so old and standing in the same places where people in the 13th century stood. The views were incredible and to imagine the story of the battles and life within the castle walls... it was just astounding. Thank goodness for the good-will of the government sometimes when it comes to preservation of something like this place!


Andrea said...

How many times in 5 months can I comment that I am JEALOUS JEALOUS JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!

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