Friday, November 7, 2008

Sorry for not posting!

** UPDATE 11-8-08 - Blogger is FINALLY letting me load images, so I'm just inserting them in this entry instead of making a new one! Enjoy! **


For whatever reason lately Blogger hasn't been letting me upload any images. I'll get some new posts up as soon as it gets its act together. But here's a little preview of what is to come:

This past weekend I flew to Edinburgh, Scotland with some of the boys. Edinburgh is possibly the most beautiful city I have ever visited, the architecture was phenominal, the history was rich and the city itself was clean and full of really nice people!

Unfortunately I think I sprained my foot while I was there, so I missed out on about half of the hike the guys went on and didn't get to see the city from way up high.

However, I did plop myself down on a little rock (well, a rather large one I suppose) and listen to a guy about my age go to town on the bagpipes! He was incredible and if I can get a video to upload then I will be sure to post it for you!

About an hour after I arrived back into Dublin, my cousin Ashley flew in with her friend Chris from England and we spent the day together touring the city. I met them at the Spire on the north side of the city and took them to breakfast at a little restaurant in Temple Bar where we got full Irish breakfasts. MMMmm! I opted out of the black pudding - I've tried it once and trust me, that was enough! Later we visited the Guinness Factory, went out to a Thai restaurant for dinner, and visited a traditional Irish pub for some drink. We had a grand time! I'm sorry her stay wasn't longer, but we've promised to keep in touch :)

Right now my roommate's friend Nick is here from Paris for four days. We'll be staying with him when we visit Paris over Thanksgiving break for a few days, so it's been nice to meet him beforehand. Tonight I'm planning on meeting up with my Irish friend Rich who I worked with a few summers ago out at Six Flags in New Jersey. I'm so excited to catch up with him!

On Sunday, Senator Leahy from Vermont is coming to visit our campus. Coming along with him will be about 20 representatives from various Vermont companies as part of the Vermont Global Trade Partnership. You can read more about the mission here. It sounds very exciting!

In other brief news next weekend the whole group will be traveling to Northern Ireland - a separate country than the Republic of Ireland (where I live). We'll be visiting Newgrange on the way (which is actually still in the Republic), then stopping in Belfast for a few hours, and then going all the way up to the northern coast to see Giant's Causeway.

After returning to Dublin for less than a week we'll be taking off on our various Thanksgiving trips! I already posted a map for mine, but I'll be staying in Paris for about three days with Megan, then meeting up with three of the guys and flying to Italy where our first stop will be Milan. Then we'll take the train down to Florence and meet up with some fellow Champlain study abroad kids who will show us the town! Last stop? Roma! I am so excited for these upcoming weeks and can't wait for Blogger to stop being such a booger so I can show you pictures!