Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowzilla 2008

Every year in Anchorage a man over on Columbine Street constructs a giant snowman who has come to be more affectionately called 'Snowzilla.' This year he isn't quite as impressive as he usually is, but there's a story behind that. Here are some of the headlines that circulated regarding the snow monster this year:

"Alaska pulls plug on Snowzilla the giant snowman"
"Alaska officials condemn Snowzilla to melt"
"Snowzilla declared a public nuisance"

and then

"Rise, Snowzilla, Rise!"
"Snowzilla rises from the dead"
"Snowzilla, King of Snowmen, returns"
"Banned Snowzilla mysteriously reappears, wreaks havoc in Alaska"

Basically the city issued an ordinance telling the man to 'cease and desist' the building of Snowzilla. As you can see by Snowzilla's bottom snowball he was supposed to be massively bigger than he ended up. The man obeyed the ordinance and then overnight on the 23rd the snowman was mysteriously resurrected. Of course, much smaller than originally intended, but he was built hastily this year. Who else can boast an outlawed snow giant!? Only Alaska my friends, only Alaska.