Friday, February 13, 2009

Help Me Go To China!

I know I already posted about my trip, but I'm doing it again!

I'm planning a two week trip to China this summer with a small group of 10 including one of my favorite and most inspirational professors on campus! Read on to find out how YOU can help for FREE! Here's a little information about the trip:

We're going to be traveling to the western parts of China, away from the big eastern cities to study the effects of globalization and modernization on smaller indigenous villages. We'll do this AFTER spending our first full day in Shanghai (where the effects are already in full swing!) so it really makes an impact. We'll be using a wide array of multimedia to document our travels and findings. Over the course of our trip we will stay in Tibetan monestaries, learn tons of Chinese history, and even meet with Chinese university students to hear their take on globalization and what it means in their lives. This is an incredible opportunity that I might never see again!

My goal right now is to raise the money to fund the trip. I'm asking you to help! All you have to do is sign up on our website:

and write my name in the referral box.

This will take $5 off of my trip. It may not seem like much but every dollar counts and the more people I get to do this the better! What would help even more is if you passed my request on to friends and family to do the same thing! I am so excited about this trip and really hope I can make it happen. If you have any other questions about it PLEASE feel free to write me back!

Go now! Do it! :)

If you'd like to pledge to make a larger contribution but aren't sure just yet then follow the link below to my pledge form. I'll contact you at a later date to follow up! This form is obligation free and you can make the decision to commit later:

Pledge Form