Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sometimes my train of thought gets a little carried away. Last night I was sharing my 2008 archived book list with one of the Student Life Staff members, Lina, who is just fantastic. I was super excited that I found someone new to exchange lists with! Well anyway, today it got me wondering what the Champlain College Community Book for (fall) 2008 was since I realized I hadn't read it. I was visiting the community book program's website and discovered that the book this year is called "The Tortilla Curtain." As I was exploring around the site I found a couple of cool tests and since I am easily distracted... I took them both. I wanted to share with you all and I'm curious about your results so feel free to share!

The first quiz was about your carbon footprint. You answer a bunch of questions about your lifestyle and the quiz tells you how many Earth's it would take to sustain everyone in the world if they ALL lived the exact same way you do. Then they show you plenty of really neat and easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint. It's definitely worth checking out! (P.S. I scored 4.23 Earths).

Carbon Footprint Test

This one was pretty cool too... Ever wonder what the new U.S. Citizenship Test is like for immigrants? It's pretty tough. Cut them some slack unless you can ace the darn thing! Here's your chance - (I scored 87%).

U.S. Citizenship Test