Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lost but not forgotten!

Aye Carumba! It would appear that I have long forgotten my blog. The real problem lies within the fact that I lost my camera charger and have had no pictures to tell tales about! I found it last week though and will soon have some new pictures to share. In the meantime though I’ll give a quick update about what’s been happening with me this summer.

I moved into a new apartment about 40 minutes south of my old city. I miss it up there and seeing all of my friends very much but it was a decision based around finances – or lack thereof. My apartment here is very cute! I managed to take a couple pictures with my new cell phone:

I’ve been hired on as a waitress at a little local BBQ joint here called Ed’s Barrr-B-Q. The staff is super fun to work with and we even get complimented on the food by southerners that stop in to visit! I’m a huge fan of the sweet tea of course. In addition to working in the restaurant we also run a concessions stand at the Vermont Moutaineers baseball games and even cater special events such as the Ted’s Flying Hogs Bikini Bike Wash.

Although the summer has been super rainy (worse than last year possibly) we’ve been having some decent weather lately. So tomorrow I am heading to a lake cottage in the Northeast Kingdom with my bartender boyfriend, Derek, for a little relaxation.

Also next week if I can swing a few days off at the restaurant we’ll be heading down near the Cape in Massachusetts for his cousin’s wedding. I’m very excited and will definitely have lots of pictures to share from those two outings when we get back!

We’ve also headed to the local racetrack a couple times this summer. Thunder Road hosted Tony Stewart the first time we went so I got to watch him race the local guys. There was a big buzz that he might be purchasing the track so it might not be the last time this little town sees a big star!Last week the King, Richard Petty was here to do a press conference and meet and greet fans. He didn’t race of course but having his presence at the track was pretty unbelievable. My favorite fan question was from a seven-year-old little boy who wanted to know why he always wears a big cowboy hat! The King’s answer? Because he didn’t want to put on the ‘wrong’ hat at the end of a race and make any sponsors angry. Smart guy!

In other small news I just turned 22. It was sort of anti-climatic, but then are there really any good birthdays left after one turns 21? I put in 12 hours at the restaurant, headed to the bar for about three hours and headed home for the night. A little good fun with a couple good friends, I suppose there isn’t really anything else to ask for!

My applications and registrations processes are in progress at the University of Alaska and the Community College of Vermont where I’ll be taking online courses to finish up my degree by May.

Overall life is going well. I’ll try to be better about getting on here now that my camera is back in action!