Saturday, February 27, 2010

So far in 2010...

Phew! More has happened than I realized! But here is what's been going on so far in 2010.

In January I decided to come back to school and enrolled in classes at Castleton State College. Here are some pictures of my new dorm room:

Derek plays hockey for Castleton so I've been attending most of his games:

Here, he is the closest guy to the camera in a green uniform.

In this one, he is smashing the white jersey into the glass :)

A couple Friday nights ago we went bowling.

We even created a bowling documentary:

And lastly (for now) this week Castleton was closed for a week-long winter break and it finally decided to snow in Vermont. So we went out to play!

Milkshake Break

That's all for now! I promise now that I have regular internet access I will start keeping up with this again. Forgive me! :)



Andrea said...

You're BACK!!! And I am so glad to SEE yoU!

AKJayElle said...

I am! I didn't have internet except at the library from June until January and I never was comfortable using my pictures at the public library, haha. Finally back in school and have reliable internet in my own room again. Woo hoo! :)